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Shampooing the carpet, making sure to scrub the carpet good before starting on the next step (extracting all the dirty water that came out of the carpet. We try our best to do as much as we can, highly recommended to get carpet shampoo once or every two months.

Serving Stockton and surrounding areas. We use commercial machines not the van. We use 2 machines one to Shampoo and another to Extract. The machine below is scrubbing and sampooing the carpet.

Serving Stockton and surrounding areas.

We use commercial machines not the van, we first shampoo and then complete the service by extracing all the diry dirt let behind. The results vary depending on the condition and type of Carpet fabric. Color or pet stains will not vanish, they might fade but will not vanish. Pet oder will not disapear if the oder has reached your pad (which is located below your carpet). Some carpets may still feel slightly damp for up to 24 hours depending on carpet, soiling condition and weather. This is normal and will not cause any problems. If it last more than 24 hours, please contact us immidiatly, we will return to extract the water left behind with no extra charge.

The cost of stripping and waxing tile floors, vinyl floors, or hardwood is usually $.20 to $.30 per square foot(minimum charge $350).

Commercial carpet cleaning costs $.05 to $.25 per square foot(Minimum Charge $150).




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