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Reservation rules You will be provided with a username, and email via email. The link will redirect you to the login page to login and reserve.

If you wish to reserve by card: you would have to pay in full online to reserve.

If you wish to reserve by cash: you would only need to pay $65 deposit to reserve and the rest would be required to be paid upon arrival. Please have your payment ready, or complete the rest due online within 30 min from arrival.

Deposit of $65 is non-refundable if you cancel same day, reschedule same day, make the team wait longer than 15 min for access, unable to reach your property due to no gate code, unable to reach your home with the wrong apt # or no building # provided.


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Q. What is a hourly services? Hourly service is a cleaning service by hour. Which means its unable to gurantee tasks at a specific window of time you choose to book. We provide hourly services for customers who:


Q. What is a Basic Cleaning? The basic cleaning is for customers who have a home thats in a very good condition, and do not need a deep cleaning, detail cleaning, nor do they need any scrubbing, or excessive picking up trash or clothing.


Q. Horder / Eviction, Pest infestation, fleas? If the home is in a VERY bad condition. Needing for the team to remove grime, grease, clothing (peed or dirty), expired/rotten food, is in need a pest infestation, has fleas, and or the customer is a hoarder. Then you are not able to schedule this special. You would have to call to get a estimate in person to see the property.