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* Bonded
* Licensed
* Insured
* Local Business
* Basic cleaning supplies & Equipment provided (we are happy to use yours)
* We try to send the same crew whenever possible
* Experienced
* Reliable
* Flexible
* Convenient
* We’re not a franchise
* Proposals of month to month services
* Proposals of 6 to 12 months
* One time cleaning with no contracts
* Automatic Payments
* Save 3% to 7% with a 6 - 12 month contract
* Get 50% discount to your first time deep cleaning if you get a
contract of 12 months
* Booking Online in less than 60 seconds
* Flat Rate Prices
* Hourly Services
Discounts for employees
for house cleaning
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Carpet shampoo
Flexable hours
First time
deep cleaning
Month to month services
50% Discounts to first
time deep cleaning
Washing and waxing flooring
Window cleaning
Carpet shampoo   Janitorial cleaning + House cleaning
We do not provide steam cleaning, we provide carpet shampoo. You can check out our live on site videos on our website or social media (facebook / Youtube)   We provide Janitorial cleaning and when you get janitorial services you can also get excusive discounts by contacting us by phone or email.
Trash removal   Washing, waxing and stripping
We also provide trash removal for janitorial cleaning and residential cleaning. Give us a call if you wish to reserve a date and time.   We can also wash, wax, and strip your flooring. We always try our best to provide what you need without looking for multiple websites. One trusted company for all.

Send us a message if you need us to contact you directly.

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Discounts for employees We provide exclustive discounts for employees that are hired by a company getting Janitorial cleaning from us. Not only are our concerns the company's needs but we also want to make sure that everyone is able to afford good quality house cleaning.

We provide special exclusive discounts for family members of the employees within the company that is hiring us to complete janitorial cleaning.
Terms and conditions Our general terms and conditions for one time or recurring services without contract are online. Please check it out when you have time if you would like to consider a one time deep cleaning, or know more about your service.
Carpet shampoo We provide estiamtes in person for commerical properties. We do not steam clean, if you wish to know the process of our work check it out on our website, facebook, youtube channel.
Flexable hours We are flexable, although we would prefer to complete the basic janitorial cleaning before/after hours. If you wish to schedule your services during hours it will cause us more time than estimated to clean certain areas due to traffic of people within the business. Your estimate can change depending on the flexability of the arrival time. Know more by calling us.
First time deep cleaning We would HIGHLY recommend a first time deep cleaning to check out our services and determine if our company meets your standards. We are very proud of our services in Residential cleaning, because if we were not house cleaners we wouldn't be able to provide quality services to our commercial properties. We know where and what to do. How to start and how to finish.
Month to Month We also provide a month to month option where you would be getting our services for two months at a time, allowing you to cancel or terminate your contract at any time with of course a 30 day notice. Not required to finish 6 or 12 whole months. Not effecting your subtotal.

Or if you wish you can request 1 month of service, and you can pay as you go. If you are a small busines and would like to know us a little more this would be the best option!
50% DISCOUNTS for first time deep cleaning Yes, we offer a 50% discount to first time deep cleaning, as long as you get up to 6-12 months of recurring basic cleanning as a daily, weekly, or biweekly client.
Wash, waxing, and stripping flooring We provide washing, waxing and stripping the floor as well. We believe if we can offer you house cleaning, janitorial cleaning, carpet shampoo, trash removal, and power washing, we can also provide you an extra add on to your service so you don't have to search for another trustworthy, and flexable company.
Window cleaning There is a limit of what we are able to offer and that would be windows outside on the second floor. Although we can provde you which is the usual request the first floor windows from the outside. We hope to change this in the future.