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Basic Cleaning

Services under basic cleaning are provided for homes who have customers, caregivers, or previous house cleaners who have maintained their home.

If your floors need a scrubbing or double mopping then your home needs a first time cleaning. If your home needs cleaning under the beds, grease, grime, soap scum, or hard water, your home is not prepared to take on a basic cleaning.

Our house cleaners have different teams with different supplies and expectations. If we send a team of basic cleaning, into a home that is dirty or heavy cleaning. Our team will then have to bring supplies used on heavy duty cleaning to the following homes. Which will cause a bad representation. We recommend that if any of the informed descripted above seems to fit your home, a estimate in person would be best.

When hiring if you ever need Trash removal (provide a notice of this request since it would be another team preforming this service), Carpet cleaning (provide a notice of this request since it would be another team preforming this service), Pressure washing (provide a notice of this request since it would be another team preforming this service), Organization (we do not provide fixed rates for organizations, so you would need to provide a advance notice for such services to provide a hourl cleaning).

Whats Included

Basic Cleaning Tasks
Wipe down the counters top.
Wipe down outside of the appliances
Wipe down the sink.
Wipe down inside and outside the microwave.
Wipe down the table(s)
Dust accessible baseboards (if accessible) 
Sweep the floors.
Mop the floors.

(Doesn’t include to do detail cleaning, removal of grease, or excessive scrubbing)

Dust all the furniture (if accessible) 
Dust baseboards. (if accessible) 
Dust the windows sills.
Vacuum the couches.
Vacuum the floors or mop the floors.

*Master bedroom is included to make the bed, any other room would be charged a fee to include the bed.*

Wipe down the shower.
Wipe down the bathtub.
Wipe down the toilet.
Wipe down the sink.
Wipe down the mirrors
Dust baseboards (if accessible) 
Wipe down the counters top.
Sweep the floors.
Mop the floors.

(Doesn’t include detail cleaning, removal of soap scum, hardwater, or excessive scrubbing.)

Living room:
Dust all the furniture
Dust accessible baseboards
Dust the windows sills.
Vacuum the couches.
Vacuum the floors or mop the floors.

*Any room that is mentioned doesn’t include moving furniture*

Dust accessible baseboards
Dust the windows sills.
Vacuum the floors or mop the floors.

*If your home only includes specific areas and not the entire home, please advice if the hallways / stairs is something you wish to include as they would not be included of customized areas*

Laundry room
Wipe down the dryer and washer (front outer layer)
Dust accessible baseboards
Dust the windows sills.
Vacuum the floors or mop the floors.

*If you need folding, or organizing your clothing please call in advance to provide a quote*

We do not allow:

  1. Second floor windows High not accissable tasks/areas/windows Thin blinds (they are extreamly thin and break easily)
  2. Outside work/Yard work
  3. Using machines the team has not been trained in
  4. Serving guests
  5. Moving furniture (customer must be responsible for moving furniture)
  6. Using a different ladder that allows the team to go higher than what is accepted within our services
  7. Fixtures that are too high will no be wiped down, maybe dusted if our extention can reach it.
  8. Cleaning cabinets above the top surface near the cieling (the material of the top surface is plain wood, and can not be cleaned with liquid, or removal of grease)
  9. We also do not include garage unless requested and added into the areas of whats included.
  10. We also do not include windows outside unless requested. We do provide a seprated quote for windows inside, but we usually do not take outside windows in concideration unless the customer demans it
  11. We also do not remove mold, and if we were to try it would only be a temporary fix with bleach (which we do not use in our cleaning unless provided to us by the customer).
  12. We do not include organization, folding clothing unless provided outside of the package quote a seprated price
  13. We do not polish cabinets, if you wish for this to be included, it will be posted with a cost separately within the extras.
  14. Recurring services has its limitations, once you get a first time cleaning and then recurring; we recommend once a year spring cleaning. To clean rooms/areas/tasks that we do not clean. Example: we do not allow hard water removal, even though we do use our cleaner for hard water to each visit, but due to limited basic cleaning pricing the team won't have more than 10-15 min allowed for scrubbing and drying which can cause the need for a spring cleaning once a year to remove exessive hardwater over time.

Customer Responsibilities

  1. Ensuring access at the beginning of the service on time
  2. Ensuring payment on the day of the cleaning
  3. Ensuring water and electricity.
  4. Ensuring that any items that are broken, or delicate material should be advised to us via photo to prevent us from touching.
  5. Ensuring that the home is picked up before we arrive. Such as food, boxes, and clearing tables and counter tops. Also make sure any pet feses or cat liter is picked up before we arrive.
  6. Ensuring to clear rooms such as bathrooms/kitchen while the team is starting as they will be cleaned first.
  7. Ensuring a 1-day notice of any rescheduled appointments.
  8. Ensuring a 1-day notice of any cancelled appointments.
  9. Ensuring to be available at the end of the services to check the home.
  10. The cleaning may take a while to finish, if you request for the team to stop services without allowing them to finish, any services that were not finished can not be finished later, unless you pay the reschedule fee of unfinished tasks.

Cancellation (Policy)

  • Customer must provide a 24 hour notice to cancel the service else the customer will face a surcharge
  • Customer must be aware that the following recurring visit would increase since it'll be double the time frame of no cleaning. Example: if you had biweekly, and cancel 1 visit; it would be 4 weeks difference from your previous visit to the new one.
  • Customers with their first time basic cleaning, if they paid a deposit to reserve and they cancel same day or without a 24/hr notice then deposit is non-refundable.

  • Rescheduling (Policy)

  • Customer must provide a 24 hour notice to reschedule the service else the customer will face a surcharge
  • Customer must be aware that the following recurring visits do not change, they all stay the same. Therefore, the rescheduled apt may be less than 14 days away from your following visit.
  • Customers with their first time basic cleaning, if they paid a deposit to reserve and they reschedule 30 days away from their original date, may lead to a price increase if the home hasn't been kept up.

  • Payment Policy

    If you had no first time deep cleaning, and are about to give us a try for the first time, we require only a deposit of $65 deposit to reserve and rest paid at the beginning if the service.

    After your first time cleaning, we request a card authorization form to schedule automatic payments by card per visit.

    Some customers prefer to pay their payment by cash, if that is the case then they can do so, but if there is a pattern of forgetting to leave the money the day of the cleaning we would then require auto-payments.

    Return Policy

    The customer who has recurring basic cleaning (fixed rate), has the option to request for us to return with no additonal pay as long as the notice is provided within 24 hours and they are able to be present on the next visit to confirm that it was correctly done. But if the customer provides us a notice of over 2 days then we would decline their request to a return policy.

    If the customer lied and had a party after their cleaning and requests for us to return to mop the floor. They would be banned from getting a return policy.


    Cleaning Process

    Like you can see we use videos to express some training to our team and any other cleaners also having their own business.


    Providing training to new cleaners, and showing them what we expect from them. We don't expect them to be 100% amazing but we hope for them to see that cleaning isn't as easy it is as cleaning our own home. It takes more responsibility and attention to certain key points.


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    Flat Rate (basic cleaning)

    A service where we need to know the Size, Condition, Needs to determine a price. We can not provide a aprox estimate since we do not have a price chart.

    To get a estimate you must send Photos or Schedule a estimate in person.

    Use the contact form or call us directly 209-910-3627 to schedule a estimate in person.

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    We appreciate our team, and anyone who comes and goes within our business. Our team when they work together and think about the value of the cleaning we do within our services our customers end with a good outcome for their living state.

    Our family business have been going strong since 2000 and with all our team members we have we have met so many customers, and team members that end up surprised and love the after effect of cleaning.