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Recurring Home Cleaning Services Price Start from $70 to $180

  • Recurring Flat rate include:

    Who is housekeeping for?
    Housekeeping, is for young, and elders. Young people, now a day's preparing for test or up coming events. Young people will feel more motivated to work at home, and get things ready for college. If they come home after a long day studying, and they have to come home to clean after words. Then that would be difficult, and frustrating for them. Lets not forget hardworking fathers, and mothers who need help as well. Everyone benefits from one or regular service in housekeeping.

    Daily, Weekly, Once every 2 weeks, Once a Month.
    Serving Stockton, Manteca, Lodi, Linden,Lathrop, Modesto, Escalon, Tracy...


    All Cleaning Supplies Provide, We also are happy to use your products. The list of tasks below get updated and if you have had services with us for a long time the tasks that are offered here can not be valid with your service package offered to your at that current time. Unless you would like to terminate your package completly, and sign up for the current online payments set online. You will not be able to get your old package if you terminate it.

    Bonded and Insured Housekeepers

    Booking Online Recurring
    Basic House Cleaning

    NOTE:Minimum Order 4 items.

    We only accept cash.


    Regular Bedrooms

    How many Regular bedrooms.

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    Master Bedrooms

    How many Master bedrooms.

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    Master Bathrooms

    How many Master bathrooms.

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    Regular Bathrooms

    How many Regular bathrooms.

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    Half Bathrooms

    How many half bathrooms.

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    Living/Family room

    How many living rooms.

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    Laundry room

    How many Laudry rooms.

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    How many kitchen.

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    Dining room

    How many dining rooms.

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    How many oven.

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    how many refrigerators

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    Wash Dishes

    $15 per load

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    1/2 Hour Fold Clothes

    1/2 hour fold clothes

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    Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

    Saturday - Sunday 9:00am - 2:00pm

    Areas we serve
    Stockotn, Manteca, Ripon, Salida, Lodi, Tracy, Linden, Escalon, Modesto, Ceres, Oakdale, Elk Grove...
    Add On's  ( Extra Charge )
    Windows Inside
    Wipe down blinds or shutters
    Oven cleaning
    Refrigerator Inside (not including the freezer)
    Make beds & change lines if provide for us
    Wipe down baseboards
    Clean windows frames
    Wash & dry laundry
    Folding/hanging laundry
    Wash dishes NEW extra charge
    Not acceptable within the services
    Car wash
    Move furniture
    Yard work
    Removing foot ware
    Clean outside
    Unavailabe to use customer carpet machines or other unknown machines.



    I am a busy working mother with twins.  I was overwhelmed with keeping up with my house cleaning every weekend.  It was taking a lot of time away from my children.  I work during the week and definitely live for the weekends.  I decided to hire a housekeeper to take the burden off my shoulders.  I found Serrano's Cleaning Services on Craigslist.  I researched the internet and saw they had excellent reviews.  My husband was reluctant t to spend any extra money on expenses such as hiring a housekeeper, but I told him this will give us more family time and a happy wife means a happy household.  Plus, their prices are VERY reasonable and not overly priced like Molly Maid.  Yesterday was their first cleaning at my house. When I came home from work I was excited to see how my house would look.  I walked in and already smelled a clean house (I have 3 cats and 2 large dogs, therefore a clean smell is DEFINITELY nice to come home to).  The bathrooms were absolutely spotless.  They even cleaned around the base of the toilet, which a lot of people skip. The glass shower doors had zero residue on them.  The sinks shined like they've never shined before.  The granite kitchen countertops no longer had that haze on them.  Our stainless steel appliances no longer had fingerprints or streaks.  I couldn't believe how clean the glass cooktop was!  They must have a top notch vacuum because their vacuum fluffed up our carpet which felt so good on our bare feet.  When my husband arrived he was skeptical at first, until he walked in the house and saw how clean it was.  He gave me a big hug and told me he is totally on board now with having a housekeeper!  I don't even clean as good as them, and I'm picky clean!  Thank you so much for the excellent service.  I look forward to many days of coming home to pure bliss."


    Serrano's are ready to clean your home,If you're having a hard time fitting household chores into your busy schedule, Call (209) 910-3627 to make a walkthrough to give you a free Quote.

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