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House Cleaning Specials

Normal Price $150 per 2 hour with 2 cleaners.


Hourly Services - FAQs House cleaning

- I get whatever i want with the hourly service?

    No, you are limited to selected tasks within the customized service. You are not allowed to ask for high windows, high areas that are not able to be reached with our 2ft ladder, gardening outside, outside work, cleaning hood filters, removing mold, touching mold, touching feses, touching needles, or any biohazards within the home.

- I would expect a full house deep cleaning to be done with 2 cleaners and 2 hours. 

    That is incorrect, we as professionals know how much it takes for a deep cleaning to be finished. We have provided the same advice we recommend to ALL of our clients. 

    Looking for kitchen and restrooms to be completed?
    Recommend to book at least between 4-6 hours with 2 cleaners

    Looking for kitchen, bathrooms, and windows/blinds to be completed?
    Recommend to book at least between 6-12 hours with 2 cleaners

    The amount of hours it takes to complete a home changes depending on the condition that it is in, and the size of the home. 

    Looking for an apartment to be cleaned?
    Recommend to get 2-4 for a fair - bad condition
    Horaders: must call to get a price in person.

- Should i get a hourly service for my home?

    We usually only recommend the hourly if:
    1. You are looking for a selected budget below $200.00
    2. You are looking for a qucik clean up not a deep cleaning.
    3. You are are someone moving out of a home, looking for it to look fair for the next person who rents it out.
    4. You are wanting to get a basic and deep cleaning at the same time. 

- Does the price include the supplies?

    Yes, we provide general cleaning supplies.

- If I request for you to use a selected supply for my floors or my counters will you provide it?

    No, if you want a supply we don't use currently you will need to provide it. Else we will have to use our own supplies. We are not responsible for the supplies you provide. Please make sure to teach the crew how to use it one by one.

- Can you match a price of another company?

    We can match a price with another company but not with a single independent cleaner who provides their services online. 
    We must have proof of insurances.

- What is allowed in the hourly service?

    If you still have time, you can ask for laundry services (washing/drying in your home), folding your clothing, organizing your closet, kitchen cabinets, and bedroom items inside your bedroom. 

    We would recommend to get a team of 4 for full house deep cleaning plus organization. A team of 2 can focus on house clean and the other team of 2 will focus on organizing. 

    Since organizing required setting things apart and puting it all back together it will take A LONG TIME, and you will not get house cleaning if you only get 2 cleaners. *this also depends on the size and conditon of your home*

- Will you take pictuees of my home?

    Yes we will take before and after pictures of OUR WORK, and we will remove any faces that may appear in the picture. 

    These pictures are for business purposes only.