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Serrano's Faqs
1. Full house

This type of service is a price for the job, basiclly if you want the crew to stay to complete an areas as much as they can within their ability then you book a flat rate.

Once booking for a flat rate, the price will include the cost of the supplies, the time of each cleaner, the gas to arrive to the property, and a 24 hour complaint notice fee (which will be explained within our faqs).

The price online is our starting price to complete fair/average homes. If the condition is more the price will increase of course inorder for us to provide you a good service.

Include all areas of your home and get a discount of 10%.

2. Customized flat rate

Customized flat rate have the same rules as the full house, although for this type of service you decide the areas you would like to include rather than selecting for your whole house to be included.

3. Hourly Service

A service where you pay for the amount of time the crew completes within your service with no additonal fee's.

Once the reserved amount of time is over the crew will stop and request your payment. You may not ask the crew to stay longer time, because the crew will have other appointments after you and it would not be fair for the customer after you to have their services be provided late.

The crew will not return to the property if tasks were not completed, because your service was to complete what they are able to do within the amount of time.

Even while getting a flat rate service we know that they will miss tasks while their cleaning, because it happens and it can't be helped. Which is why if you choose a flat rate then the crew will wait for you to see the service and they if they miss a task they will come back to clean it as much as they can within their ability.

4. Window cleaning / blinds

Windows and blinds are charged additional. You can not include it within your hourly service. And of course the flat rate, well everything you add to your flat rate service is extra charge. You may check the cost for the windows and blinds online.

Windows are not going to be washed, they will only be wiped down. We do not wash or remove hard water from the windows or do we remove paint from the windows. If you expect the crew to remove any of what is mentioned above please call to cancel your window cleaning with Serranos cleaning services.

5. Carpet shampoo

We do not provide steam cleaning only carpet shampoo. We shampoo the carpet and then we extract all the dirty bacteria. Our services provides two commercial machines to complete the service.

6. Commercial Janitorial Services

Yes, we have how to guides in our Support section and we also offer personal training via our support plan. If you are interested in 1 on 1 training options, just fill out our contact form and we will be glad to speak with you.

7. Waxing and stripping

We do provide waxing and stripping but you'll need to call to get an estimate by phone or if it is nessessary an estimate in person. Depending on the size you provide to us over the phone.

How do i reserve my appointment?

Customers who have a subtotal less than $300.00 will only be required to complete a deposit of $35.00 to reserve their appointment.

Customers who have a subtotal of $300 or above will be required to pay a deposit of 30% percent in order to reserve their appointment.

Refund - deposit to reserve my appointment

$35.00 deposit requirement is non-refundable unless:
a. the client has provided at least a 4 hour notice to cancel or rescheduale their appointment.

If the customer paid more than $35.00 due to their subtotal. Even if they did not provide a 4 hour notice, the $35.00 will be non-refundable but the extra additonal payment will be refunded to the client.

Refund - after services were completed

We do not provide any refunds when labor services that have already been rendered. The client must complete full payment once the services have been provided.

Under Contract

When the client is under contract the clients form of payments will always be included within the contract. Call 209-910-3627 if you having trouble finding the form of payment section.

Commercial services - payment

For clients who are provided services in Commercial properties, will still have to complete a requested deposit, and in additon will be requred like any other client to complete full payment on the day of the cleaning.

Unless the client has set up a contract, which then otherwise the client will need to follow the contracts form of payment selected for their account with Serranos cleaning services.

Forms of payment we accept

We accept credit cards only no debit cards. If you can't provide a card to complete payment, you can complete payment with the crew by cash. We do not accept checks, unless your under contract or have had services with us over 2 months, with a record of good payment.

Forms of payment we don't accept

We do not accept online payment, checks, or gif cards.

Recurring billing

We have recurring auto-pay you can have if you are too busy to complete your payment on time, and would like to avoid any additonal fee's.


Discounts are provided online on our website, social websits, and advertisement. When booking or wanting to set a special you saw online. Make sure to screenshot the image, and send it by email or have it on site when call us by phone.

Two special discounts

You can only book one discount per job. You can not add two discounts to one service job. For example if there is a special discount for a full house yet you also want to include a 10% discount for being the first time you get services with everything included you can not include that 10% discount to your service. You can only choose one.

Discounts on the day of the cleaning

You can not book for a regular service and then choose to ask for a discount provided online on the day of the cleaning, mid-way, or at the end of your service. You must provide a 24 hour notice to book a special provided to clients online.


Estimates are provided to you online, but if you require an estimate in person and you are not located in Stockton Ca there is a fee of $35.00 to provide you an estimate in person. The $35.00 fee will be discounted from your subtotal if you decide to choose us.


You can check us out on Facebook to check our reviews or check us out on yelp, angies list etc..

Are you bonded, insured also licensed?

We are bonded, insured and licensed.

Best recommended for Residencial services

Best recommended for the client to get when getting services for the first time is a flat rate service. It has many benifits so the client doesn't have to worry about being their on the day of the cleaning.

Do we provide additonal cleaning supplies the client request?

No, we provide general cleaning supplies within our ability. Although if there is a selected supply you would like them to use in order for area have an extra shine or any of the sort. The client must provide any cleaning supplies they wish for us to use which we do not provide to complete the clients needs.

What if the client provides the cleaning supplies?

If the client has chosen an hourly service the cost per hour without supplies would be $45.00 per hour.
If the client wished to have a flat rate we must provide the supplies, the client can not try providing supplies to a flat rate.

Can we provide the cleaing supplies and then add it on to the subtotal?

No, if the client wished to provide a selected supply to complete their needs. The client must provide the cleaning supply, and will be responsible for the supply provided to the crew.

What dose the client need to provide?

It's up to the client but for starters we have included cleaning supplies which are the general must need for a good clenaing. Some supplies provided below are not included to our service but if you decide to include it, it would help the crew finish the service faster and better. 4 of everything below.

What happens if the client doesn't provide enough supplies?

Your time once it starts can not stop unless they need to take a lunch break. You must be responsible for the crew to be provided enough supplies and the correct supplies in order for them to do a good job. If they start and they need more supplies, your time will continue and it will not stop. To pervent this, please provide enough supplies.

Can the price decrease if the condition of the home is very clean?

The price for a flat rate will not change if the condition is better than expected, if your home is very clean its best recommended you only include the areas which are not cleaned. All prices online are starting prices, which means it starts at the price range and it will either stay or increase if the condition is worse than before.

Can the price be changed back to an hourly service even if the flat rate has already started?

No, once you have chosen a flat rate the service will stay. You can not choose a flat rate and then at the end of the service choose an hourly serivce price. If you insist you will be not be allowed to complete your payment at the end of the cleaning, but it will be required of you to complete full payment before the cleaning starts.

Recently asked questions

Additonal questions unanswered:

  • What type of services do you offer?
  1. Residential Services
    a. General house cleaning
    b. Window cleaning
    c. Cleaning blinds/shutters
    d. Carpet shampoo
    e. Trash removal
    f. Waxing & Stripping
    g. On going services

  2. Commercial Services
    a. Janitoral services
    b. Window cleaning
    c. Cleaning blinds/shutters
    d. Carpet shampoo
    e. Waxing & Stripping
    f. On going services

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  • Can I get a free quote for all of the services you offer on your online website?
The services we offer are not all available to be booked online, some of our services for example Window Cleaning are not offered online. You must call Serranos cleaning services to get a free estimate.

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  • Do you offer on site free quotes?
Some of our services depending on the location of the service property, are avilable to get a on site free quote. Sometimes we charge an additonal fee to give a free quote on site, due to the location of the property. If the client is only looking for a couple of tasks within there services, we are not able to send the crew to give you an estimate in person. You will be provided an estimate by phone.

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  • Where are you located at?
We are currently Located in Stockton California.

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  • Do you have pictures or videos of your work?
Yes, on our website and our social media like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Yelp, Angies List etc.. we post pictures and videos of our services.

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  • Do you have any reviews of your current or past clients?
Yes we do, we have yelp and angies list reviews you can check out.

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  • How long have you been in business?
Since 2000

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  • What is a Flat rate package estimate?

A Flat rate package estimate, is a estimate given to the client online or by phone. Where it includes all bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, family rooms, and the kitchen (including the oven, refrigerator and microwave) to the total cost amount. At this moment we should have a book online Flat rate package form, where it will ask you how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have within your home. Once including that information, it should inform you the cost amount for that package.

The client can not insert the wrong amount of bedrooms and bathrooms their home has. For example, if the home has 5 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms, but the client picked the option of 4 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. Then the package will be denied to the client. The only task that is not included to the package is windows/blinds. They are extra services, and to get an estimate on windows/blinds, you must call us to get a quote.

Best recommended due to this type of situation is by getting the Customized Flat rate.

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  • What is a Customized Flat rate estimate?

A Customized Flat rate estimate is a estimate given to the client online or by phone. Where the client decides what areas to include. It is not available online, you can only get a Customized Flat rate estimate by calling us or if available setting up an appointment.

If the client has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, but only wants to include 1 bedroom, and 3 bathrooms with the kitchen no oven/refrigerator, then the Customized Flat rate estimate if for you.

If you would like to include all areas of your home then it is best recommended to get the Flat rate package.

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  • What is a Hourly service?

The Hourly service is a down step and an upgrade from the Flat rate. The Hourly service is able to offer you to choose what you would like with no additonal charges (aka. windows/blinds/carpet shampoo/outside work can not be included to the Hourly service). For example, the Hourly service can offer you the flexibility to get basic or deep cleaning to the tasks you ask the team to clean. You may ask the team to do; bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, oven, refrigerator, microwave, and you can ask for organization to your closets or cabinets inside your kitchen. That would be the upgrade to the Hourly service, which is why its very flexible to your needs.

The down side about the Hourly service is that since its by hour and not by task. We do not gurantee all tasks and areas you choose will be fully completed, we also will not be able to send the crew back if you file a complaint about an Hourly service. Why? Because we didn't charge you to complete the areas and tasks you decided to have, we only charged you for the time you decided to have.

When getting the Hourly service, you decide on the amount of time it is needed to complete the tasks. Within the hourly service our minium to book is 3 hours of cleaning. We highly recommend to book for 4 to 6 hours of cleaning depending on the size of the home (if you are getting a estimate with two team members only), if your looking for a deep full house cleaning.

If you choose to get for example 5 hours of cleaning with two team members, but they only complete 3 hours of cleaning on the day of the cleaning. Then we will only charge you the 3 hours, but if the client gets 3 hours of cleaning but on the day of the cleaning wants to add one or two more hours of cleaning. Your request will be denied due to other clients after you.

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  • What is the difference between a Flat rate package estimate, Customized Flat rate estimate, and the Hourly service?

The Flat rate service (aka Flat rate package estimate/Customized Flat rate estimate), is a service where we give you a price to complete the areas of your home. The price includes for the crew to complete the areas, and once the areas are completed. The team will wait for the client to check the property, once the property is checked and everything looks good, the client will then pay the team if they haven't already. The best thing about the Flat rate service is that if the client was not able to be there on the day of the cleaning, they will have a maximum of 24 hours to be able to file a complaint. If the client files the complaint within 24 hours after the services have been completed. The team will be assigned to return to complete the areas which where missed on the day of the cleaning.

The Hourly service, is service where you decide on the amount of time you want the team to stay. The cost amount won't change unless you include windows/blinds or if you added extra hours to your total amount. We do not return to the property, if areas were not completed on the day of the cleaning. The price is cheaper because its not giving you the safty net like how the Flat rate is set up. Highly recommeded to look into Flat rate estimates if your looking for a price to fit your needs and not your budget or flexibility to your needs.

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  • What would be my best recommendation to complete my needs in my property?
Flat rate estimates (Flat rate package / Customized Flat rate)

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  • Do I need to be on site, on the day of the cleaning?

Flat rate:

  1. No.
    a. but if the client is not going to be present on the day of the cleaning. S/he will need to confirm their appointment with a $35.00 deposit plus send a Card authorization form (CAF) to complete full payment on the day of the cleaning.

Hourly service:

  1. No, but it is HIGHLY recommended to be there on the day of the cleaning. The time is very valuable within your Hourly service. Again we HIGHLY recommend for you or a representative who is aware of what your needs are to be there on the day of the cleaning.
    a. but if the client is not going to be present on the day of the cleaning. S/he will need to confirm their appointment with a $35.00 deposit plus send a Card authorization form (CAF) to complete full payment on the day of the cleaning.

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  • Do I need to put away my pets, before arrival time?
Yes, make sure to put all your pets away during the visit of the team.

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  • What forms of payments do you offer?
  1. Online payments (sometimes the online payment section might be offline).
  2. Send a card authorization form (caf), and send it back to complete payment on the day of the cleaning.
  3. Check (we don't accept mailed checks from client who do not have a contract agreement with us)
  4. Cash

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  • How can I submit a complaint or feedback from my services?

You can submit a complaint or feedback by sending it to Serranoscleaning@gmail.com

Make sure to contact us by phone or emailing us your complaint/feedback, if your are/not getting the services you should be having within your Flat rate service or Recurring services. If you are filing a complaint or good/bad feedback to a team member when getting an Hourly service, they will be given a notice and a down/up grade of points to the team of the month. Even if you are not able to get your team to come back or are wanting to send positive comments to your hourly team, there will be action to be set when sending any type of complaints or good/bad feedbacks.

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  • Do you accept refunds for any of your services?
No, we do not accept refunds to labor services. Unless the client pre-paid services and decided to cancel with a 24 hour notice.

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  • The team assigned to my home, didn't complete my needs. What should I do?

If you the client had a Flat rate service, please contact us at 209-910-3627 within 24 hours after the services have been completed to file a complaint. With a Flat rate service, the crew will be able to return to your property with no additional charges.

If you the client had an Hourly service, we will not be able to return to the property. But we so highly recommend to send feedback and pictures of the service provided to you. The feedback will be noted to the crew members as bad service and they will have a deduction of points. This helps us teach our crew where they need help and how they should do better next time.

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  • How do I set up a recurring service for house cleaning?

To set up a recurring service for house clenaing, you have to call 209-910-3627 to get an estimate and if you approve of the estimate you will then be given a set time and day the team will come (weekly, biweekly or monthly). Prices could change after 2/4 visits if the condition of the home cause the crew to take longer time or use more supplies than perdicted.

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  • How do I set up a recurring service for commercial services?
To set up a recurring service for commercial services, you have to call 209-910-3627 or email Serranoscleaning@gmail.com to set up an appointment to come see the propertys condition.

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  • How do I set up a recurring service for carpet shampoo?
To set up a recurring service for carpet shampoo, you will have to call 209-910-3627 or email Serranoscleaning@gmail.com

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  • How do I set up a recurring service for waxing & stripping?
To set up a recurring service for waxing & stripping, you will have to call 209-910-3627 or email Serranoscleaning@gmail.com

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  • Do you require a contract to set up recurring services?
You are only required to set up a contract if your asking for Commercial services. If you are wanting to set up recurring services for your home, you are not required to sign a contract.

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  • How much do you charge for a recurring service?
Usually the price for basic recurring services start from $75 - $180 per visit (depending on the size of the home and if the client decided to include extra services.)

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  • When you come to give a quote in person, is the price going to stay or will it change?

Prices given to the client on site, will not change unless the client set their appointment a month after the appointment date, or if they call after a month to set up their appointment. The condition of the home might not be the same as the condition seen 30 days before. Best recommended to set an estimate appointment one or two weeks ahead.

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  • How many people will be coming to my property?

Depends on the type of service. If the client has chosen Hourly services, usually the client only gets two team members unless they pay extra for another team member to be added within their service. If the client has chosen a Flat rate service, there will always be two team members assigned to the client, and either if home is in a very bad condition/the size of the home is above 2500sqft that could also cause the client to have more than two crew members within their service.

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  • What should I do before the team arrives?

Hourly service: If the client has chosen the Hourly service, the client is recommended to make a list of the tasks they would like the crew to start first, and the least main concerns at the very bottom.

Flat rate service: If the client has chosen the Flat rate, please pick up any laundry you might have within your *unless you have booked to include folding or hanging laundry within your service*.

Carpet shampoo: Pick up any coins, or metal items off the floor. Make sure to vacuum the flooring before arrival time. Move any furniture from the area you decided to have shampooed before the crew members arrival time. If the client decided to move it while the crew has arrived, your appointment could be canceled or reschedualed with an extra charge to the total amount.

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  • What time would my one time/recurring cleaning team arrive?

You should have been given that information by phone, or email on your arrival time. Usually if the crew is expected to arrive at 9 (for example) then your time arrival should be 9-10am. Sometimes depending on the day of the service, the crew might arrive a little after your set arrival time. Whch is why your arrival time given to the client is set at 9-10am (arrival time).

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  • Will I need to supply the cleaning supplies and the equipment?

No, you are not required to supply the supplies or the equipment (unless you would like the crew to use certain supplies or equipment within your home). We provide all the supplies and equipment for the service. If the client would like to supply their supplies and equipment, they will be fully responsible in teaching and giving a document with instructions on how to use the supplies given. We do not take responsibility for the supplies given to the crew under the supervision of the client.

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  • Can I request team members to remove their shoes when they clean?

No, the crew can not remove their foot ware. For the safty of the crew, we do not allow this request.

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  • How do I Pay for a Residential Cleaning Service?

You may complete your payment by an automatic charge, online payment, or leaving a check or cash on the day of the service.

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  • What if I need to reschedule or cancel an appointment?

The client must give at least 1 day in advance a notice by email, text, or phone call. If the client doesn't give a notice in advance there is an extra charge of $35.00 to cancel their appointment on the day of the cleaning.

Note: that if you cancel your appointment depending on how many cancelation you have had you might have additonal fee's to your service. This all depends on your type of service for example if you have an hourly/flat rate and; if you have a weekly, biweekly, or monthly service.

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You will be contacted if in case your appontment falls on a holiday, to set an appointment in regards to reschedualing it to a different time and day.

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  • I'm not 100% satisfied with my service, what do i do?

We are not able to 100% satisfy your needs, but we will try our best to do as much as we can within our abilites. The crew is able to provide you a service with what they can within their limites and abilites. If the crew completed a restroom, and the restroom still seems like it need more work, you may ask the crew at the moment that they are there to return if (a) you are booking a flat rate (b) you have booked an hourly service and you still had time within your service for them to keep working. If you do not ask them to return to the restroom or the area which you are not happy with, you have (a) a 24 hour complaint notice if you are booking a flat rate (b) book for more time for them to continue working every extra hour is $60.00 and every half hour is $35.00. We do not provide refunds, to services which have already been rendered. If the client can't not refund the services, we can not refund the payment which was for the services which was provided to the client. We can not create miracles, and we can not provide you with a 100% dust/clean task. But we can provide you with our best efforts on getting the tasks done within our ability.

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  • How can I save if I pay for the first 3 days of each month?

Clients in residental and commercial services are sometimes offered a discount, not all clients are able to get a discount special to their services. We offer depending on your type of service a 3%, 5%, and a 7% off.

When clients are offered these discounts the client will need to complete full payment of the months service on the first 3 days of the service month. Which means if you have for example 2 visits in a month the payment must be recieved on the first 3 days of the service month.

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  • What are your limites within your services?

House cleaning we can not (a) take off our shoes when entering the property. (b) provide additonal supplies to do an extra deep cleaning, or for a certain type of work, the client must supplies the supplies which they would like us to use to meet their expectations. (c) when you include deep cleaning within our services we will still wipe down the the areas as it is but it will take longer to try to removal as many stains/spots/marks/greese etc.. as much as we can within our ability. we do not gurantee that it will turn out new, nor do we provide that expectation. we provide you with photos of our crew who work hard to provide a good wipe down to the tasks and areas assigned to them. (d) we can not do windows which are high and inaccessible, for the safty of our crew members. we do not provide services which could be dangerous or could cause an injury. that include doing windows which are high and inaccessible, walls which can not be reached to be wiped down or dusted, ceiling are not included at all within our services. we only provide wipe down to tasks and areas within a accessible reach. (e) we can not do ceiling fans which are too high and we do not include chandilirs within our services. we can dust it softly if it is delicate but in regards to wiping it down or dusting until all dust is off it is not included. (f) we do not offer to remove oder if your home smells due to rats, bugs, smoking etc.. we try to clean as much as we can and hope to provide you with a sweet smell at the end of the cleaning. but if the oder doesn't disapear, we do not take responibility in removing the oder.
Carpet shampoo can not provide the client (a) that the oder of the home will be removed. If the carpet shampoo crew members have finished and yet after the carpets were finished, and dried off, you can still smell the same oder which was there before we arrived we do not take responibility in removing the oder. (b) we can not removal shoes to enter your home. (c) we will provide you what our services offer, using our machines to scrub and extract the water leaving you with a more decent carpet. But we can not provide you with a gurantee that the stains, marks, color, and the damage the carpet has will be removed and look brand new. No we can not provide you with that miracle, only what we can do within our ability. We always try to do as much as we can, in providing you with the best service. But if the carpeted area is just too damaged, even after providing our services, the carpets stains, marks, color might still appear. But your carpet will be 90% more clean than it was before you hired us.

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  • What's the difference between basic & deep cleaning?

Basic is discribed as a quick wipe down, not looking for the detials of the areas being cleaned. Usually asked by clients who have had recent contruction and are looking for a wipe down due to the amount of dust within their home. Basic cleaning is a cleaning that would not include refrigerator, oven, not even wipe down the ceiling fans but just simple dust down. You also would not be wanting the windows or blinds.

Deep cleaning is discribed as wanting a rough cleaning to the areas of the home. Looking and taking your time to make sure all details were not over looked. When people pick deep cleaning, they usually want all bedrooms, bathrooms, living/family/dining rooms, kitchen, oven, refrigerator, windows and blinds, plus carpet shampoo.

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  • Can I prepay for service in advance, if so , is there a discount?

For recurring residental services, you might be able to get a discount, but not all clients are accepted within the discount. It depends on your location, set cost amount already set within each of your appointments; (the person who gave you the estimated cost for your recurring payment might have already given you a discount or the minium we could go for without you even knowing about it) which could cause for you not to be able to get this recurring discount.

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  • Do you accept Credit/Debit Cards?

We accept only credit cards, please call 209-910-3627 and check if this information is still valid.

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  • If my answer wasn't answered on the FAQ page, where can I get my questions answered?
Please email us at Serranoscleaning@gmail.com OR call us at 209-910-3627 to get more information directly.

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